About Me

About Me

DJ Yogi B –  The History


My interest in DJing start in 1984, when I was in nightclubs watching the likes of, Steve Barrington, Steve Spinner and Birdie, spin their magic on vinyl.

Every song played at the then famous “Club A” in Scarborough, I had either, bought borrow or stole just to keep up with the music played in the clubs.

Eventually I started doing birthday parties, friend gatherings and some informal functions.

 In 1987, I completed a DJ course run by Steve Spinner, and honed my mixing, scratching, and general microphone skills.

After joining the Army Reserve, in 1988, and picking up the nickname “Yogi”, I turned it into my DJ and business name.

From then on everybody knew me as “DJ Yogi-B”!!!

After being on the road for nearly 6 years, working for different companies, I got a job as a DJ working at Geremiah’s nite club as the late shift resident DJ.

For five and a half year’s I worked the late shift at Geremiah’s, spinning my tunes, to the delight of the crowds that use to come out and see me DJ. I kept the crowed partying till the wee hours of the morning to the sweet tunes of my favourite, Hip Hop and R&B sounds.

When the time came and Geremiah’s shut down, I started back on the road again! This time entering the world of weddings as well as the usual parties and have been doing so ever since.

I won’t say I’m the best DJ out there, but I do know how to do my job.

Every wedding is different and it’s always hard to please everyone.